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Our Green Standards

There are many methods and materials you utilize to minimize your home's impact on the environment. We will be happy to discuss the varying costs and paybacks of these items. At the very least, every home we build is engineered to be safe, healthy, durable, and energy efficient. Below are some of the points we emphasize to ensure your home has the basic elements of a green building.

  • Site Prep - We will discuss orientation of your home to optimize radiant energy from the sun as well as blending it with the natural terrain. We pride ourselves in preserving the natural beauty of your land. 

  • Materials Selection - The use of durable materials minimizes energy loss and ensures healthy environments. Low VOC paint, reclaimed lumber and stone, natural roofing materials, and engineered trusses are just a few of the green materials we use.

  • Indoor Air Quality - Tighter construction of the building envelope increases the need for properly ventilated HVAC systems. We use sealed-combustion gas appliances, tightly insulated duct systems, and whole house ventilation and filtration to help prevent allergens and mold.

  • Energy Efficiency - We like to use spray foam insulation to seal the building envelope and increase R-value. We also use Low-E glass, high-SEER HVAC systems, LED lighting, home automation systems, tank-less water heaters, etc to minimize your home's power consumption in the future.

  • Moisture Control - Proper site grading is critical to ensure that crawlspaces and basements stay dry. Our engineered HVAC systems also help combat indoor moisture problems that lead to mold, mildew, and pollutants. We also install roof, wall, and foundation drainage systems to keep your home healthy and dry.

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