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We have been blessed to work with so many interesting, successful people from a wide range of professions with varied visions and styles for their homes. However, all of our homeowners have several things in common. They all appreciate unique details and have a keen eye for quality and craftsmanship. Our customer’s appreciation for quality makes it a pleasure to partner with them and help facilitate their unique visions for their homes.

“I have been in the construction related business for a very long time and I have never worked with any firm that is as dedicated to total quality as Kaufman Construction. Mose and Phillip are committed to complete craftsmanship and owner satisfaction at every stage of project. The Kaufman’s are honest, reliable, dependable, and exemplify the qualities you look for in a construction firm. You start out with a contractor, end up with great friends.”

W. John Fair


“What a pleasure it was to work with the Kaufman Construction team! Their dedication to customer service, attention to detail and exemplary craftsmanship can not be matched. More importantly, they all became trusted friends as well. I would never enter into another project without their expert advice.”

Virginia Crocker


“Mose Kaufman and his skilled team made building our home an enjoyable experience. We felt comfortable entrusting our home to him because he built our home as if it were his own. Not only did he emphasize quality and craftsmanship, but he also was very fair and accountable in regard to pricing. To this day we enjoy the relationship we have built with Mose and his team as much as we do the home he built for us.”

Dina V. Grice, M.D.

“The process we originally dreaded, that of having a custom house built, turned out to be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences of our lives – thanks to the father and son team of Mose and Phillip Kaufman. These men are competent, easy to work with and, most importantly, they are men of exceptional integrity. Mose’s soft-spoken, unassuming manner sometimes masks his vast knowledge of the home-building industry gained from years of experience and continuing education, but his expertise is apparent in the excellent quality of the work he and his subs provide. We have been amazed at how many guests in our home have studied the details of the structure, noted the craftsmanship involved, and asked, “Did Mose Kaufman build this house?” We have been in our dream home for three years now and wouldn’t change a thing about it. We highly recommend Kaufman Construction!”

Dr. and Mrs. Eric Heinzelmann

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