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Our Standards


We believe in using the best craftsmen, sustainable materials, and proven construction technologies available for every homeowner's unique design, budget, and tastes.

Below are some routine methods we use throughout the construction process to ensure that your home remains healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable for years to come.

  • Design - We work closely with your architect to ensure that site selection and layout are optimized, livability is enhanced, and classic design criteria are met.

  • Material Selection - We personally research products and materials to guide homeowners through the construction process. We work hand-in-hand with interior designers to aid in material, color, and style selections. We believe in educating and informing homeowners about costs, materials, and methods to ensure an enjoyable experience.

  • Durability - We believe in using screws and/or glue for sheeting materials. We install the full array of tie-down straps and uplift prevention materials. Whole house cable anchoring systems are also available in high wind zone areas.

  • Engineered - We like to use floor trusses and roof trusses where feasible for increased strength and durability. We also take advantage of steel I-beams and engineered lumber to create large rooms and unique spans within your home.

  • Quiet - We insulate all interior walls with acoustic insulation and use cast-iron drops for our plumbing systems. There are other sound abatement treatments that can be added as well, but with less effectiveness per dollar spent.

  • Energy Efficiency - We use spray foam insulation to maximize R-value. we like to seal the building envelope and engineer our HVAC systems accordingly.

  • Sustainability - We believe that quality is sustainable, because it limits the amount of time and energy spent towards maintenance. Just a few of the quality products we use include: cement-coat stucco, Hardie siding, tile and metal roofs, field stone and brick facades, and slate and stone interior materials. We have also used a variety of reclaimed wood, brick and stone materials.

  • Technology - At the very least, we wire our homes for future technology needs. We have installed state-of-the-art home automation controls that integrate lighting, HVAC, audio, visual, and security features.

  • Green Building - As a certified Green Professional, we proudly offer ideas about materials and methods that help protect the environment, lower energy costs, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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