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Project Management


We are a customer-focused company that believes firmly in giving our homeowners personal attention to all the fine details that make their home unique. From the initial meeting, through the design and budgeting phase, on into construction and long after you move in, we personally listen to your needs and ensure that your ideas are implemented.

We educate ourselves to stay at the forefront of construction technology and green building methods. We strive to keep the home building process enjoyable, by informing you of cost options, material options, and construction methods and helping you navigate the sea of choices available to you. We believe our personal attention to our client’s unique needs helps ensure we obtain the best possible value from our trade vendors.

Whether it is researching your unique ideas for cost and technique, or explaining the pros and cons of a particular material, we believe our hands-on approach displays the pride we take in translating our homeowner’s vision. We honor the custom details of every home by being on-site for you and providing regular input, updates, and project scheduling.

We recognize that homeowners place a lot of trust in us to implement their designs. We take this trust seriously by limiting our construction starts per year, by staying at the forefront of construction technology, and by updating and informing clients regularly concerning the construction budget and building costs. We believe our homeowners should be able to trust us enough to build their home even if they are located out of the area, which has happened on a few occasions.

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