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Management Team


Kaufman Construction chooses to remain a small, customer-focused homebuilder. We prefer to work directly with our homeowners and like to be on-site for them as much as possible. We do not have in-house design teams, project managers, land procurement, or sales and marketing teams. We believe in strong partner relationships with industry professionals to provide support for those areas while we focus on what we do best: building your high-end, luxury home. Visit our partners page to see more of our trade partners.

President, Project Manager

Born into an Amish family in central Ohio, Mose was taught early the values of honesty, work ethic, and uncompromising quality. He learned the trade from his father who was also a fine home builder. Although he has left the Amish church, he still holds dear those values, which have never failed him.

Mose is at his best when he is on-site, working out all the little details that homeowners entrust to him. He has always been a craftsman, first and foremost, and a business man second. He has cultivated many lasting relationships in his years in the home building business. His dedication to his homeowners has endeared him into the hearts and lives of many past homeowners.

Mose's goal for every house he builds is for it to provide a lifetime of satisfaction to his homeowner. But he also strives hard to make the process enjoyable so their memories of building their masterpiece will equal their enjoyment in the future when the house he builds has become their home.

CFO, Project Manager

Phillip is a third-generation homebuilder. He values the ethics, craftsmanship, and tradition that his father and grandfather have instilled in him. He enjoys research and is excited about the technological advances he has seen in the industry since joining the company.

Phillip is an accomplished trim carpenter, but his knowledge of accounting, business management, and green building are his greatest strengths. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Business Administration from USCA. He is passionate about achieving efficiency and accountability in business practices and in construction materials, methods, and techniques.

Phillips, goal for every house is to ensure the homeowner has every option available. Whether it be computing cost analysis, or researching material options, Phillip believes that informed homeowners equal happy homeowners and he uses all the tools at his disposal to create a culture of a accountability and transparency with his clients. 

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