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Armed with a $1,000 note from his home-builder father, and the determination, work ethic, and skill that his Amish upbringing taught him, Mose Kaufman founded Kaufman Construction in 1981. Natives of Ohio's Amish country, Mose and his wife moved south and started building homes and a new life for themselves in the Midlands of South Carolina. From these humble beginnings, they quickly established a legacy of quality, integrity, and customer service.

Today, Kaufman Construction is blessed with a sterling reputation among peers, homeowners, architects, and trade partners for building some of the finest homes in Columbia, Aiken and the surrounding areas.


Mose's son, Phillip, joined his team in 2003, bringing with him expertise in finance, accounting, and business management. Together they feel that they give homeowners a good mix of experience, technology, innovation, and accountability.


Much has changed in the construction industry since 1981. However, there are a few things that will never change at Kaufman Construction. We will always stay true to our core values of honesty, integrity, quality, customer service, and accountability.

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