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Green Building


Skilled craftsmen, durable materials, and proven building methods have always been the cornerstone of any Kaufman Construction home. This commitment to quality is the essence of what the current trends in "green" and "sustainable" buildings call for.

Our commitment to quality has ensured that all of our homes contain the basic elements of green building and provide healthy and durable spaces our homeowners can enjoy for generations to come.

To ensure we stay at the forefront of green building, Kaufman Construction has partnered with the NAHB’s Green Building program and has earned a certification as a Certified Green Professional. This program allows us to stay abreast of proven technologies, materials, and methods to minimize our carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency.

There are many programs and guidelines that detail green building. We would love to certify your new home as a green home under the NAHB’s guidelines. You can also browse our green partners page for more links and info on green building programs and affiliations.

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